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All Rhodes Trading will keep its focus on in-demand specialized items that are not readily available at traditional retail outlets.  Each website will have a clear focus on a product category, but may also offer items that are a natural complement to the core items.  Emphasis will be on products with a long-term lifecycle of demand, but the operations will be flexible enough to recognize any trends or fads that present themselves.

In general, women will be the market for our products.  The main reason for this is that they generally enjoy the type of luxury and fashionable products that we specialize in offering.  Secondarily, by maintaining this focus we can better service their needs and respond to their changing demands.

The products will be sourced through several methods - with the focus always on quality and value.  The first is direct importing through established contacts in Thailand, Nepal, Kashmir, India, Turkey, and China.  Second, domestic wholesalers have been identified already and continuous effort will be put forth to find others to ensure reliable, cost-effective sources. 

PRODUCTS - The following products are currently a part of our offerings:

* Pashmina scarves, wraps, and shawls
* Decorative silk pillow covers and scarves
* Baby blankets
* Scented soy candles
* Cashmere Blankets
* Luxury Bedding

As other products are identified, they will be considered and analyzed to ensure they meet our demands for quality, value, and market.  Currently in consideration are luxury towels, luxury bath robes, gourmet health teas, and self-improvement products.


If you're interested in learning more about pashminas, the Internet is a great place to start. You may also want to take a few moments to learn about the incredible countries that produce the finest pashmina, Nepal and Kashmir.

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